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Design Sprinting a New Feature for Zoom App

Victor (B) Athayde
3 min readNov 2, 2020

Author’s note: The project presented below is the result of a design sprint lab — a weeklong lab — conducted over a UX /UI Ironhack Bootcamp.

Marina Multitasker

Sometimes you have no time to get ready for the next scene. Sometimes you care so much about your family that you let other things running background.

It does not mean you do not care about them.

It means your brain is on automatic mode while you are multitasking around in order to accomplish all your morning tasks, like Marina is doing right now.


It's Monday morning, quarter to eight and her iPhone vibrates in her pocket.

Suddenly, she realizes she have just arrived from her 4-year-old son’s school, where she have been driving him — from Monday to Friday — since schools have decided to take a risk managing students back (you know, Covid times) and school busses have been mostly taken by the ones whose parents have no cars.

Marina is a Brazilian immigrant who lives in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada and frequently shares housekeeping chores with her husband — time management is an all-important activity.

Before unlocking her phone, she uses it as a looking glass — she won’t have time for a makeup.

Marina is a PO — Product Owner — from a scrum team and today is a Sprint Planning Day.

Cutting a long story short, Marina within her team have to define and order the current project tasks to be done and delivered until the end of this week/sprint.

Marina has been using Zoom for these remote meetings, however, she misses agile tools for interaction and engagement.

How might Zoom — a leader for meeting solutions — improve Marina's job?

How did I get here?

Using Quantitative and Qualitative Research to Create a Persona

Marina Multitasker’s Persona Map: her possible interactions, questions, goals and motivations.

Pinning Possible Scenarios

Post-its with possible scenarios for Marina — e.g.: Training, brainstorming, working, meeting, presenting and meetings.

Defining a Use Case

A use case table with Marina as Actor, her normal flow and three alternative ones. Sprint planning meetings using Zoom app.

Mapping Marina's Journey

Marina's Journey Map

Learning with a Task Analysis

Zoom Meeting Task Analysis

Converging to a User Flow

Zoom Meeting User Flow

If you were hoping for a quick conclusion, just have in mind that designing anything is an endless iteration process and this article is just the first sprint.

Thank you for reading!



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